Berlin-based accessories brand Maison Héroïne was at a critical stage of its founding when we first began to work with them. They had an amazing product that was well placed to capture a growing trend in a luxury good market. A product that is not only high-quality and exquisitely designed but is also environmentally sustainable.

But there was an issue. MH did not have the skill set or the experience on its founding team to build or operate the marketing side of the business. This was the missing mink that needed to be created for the company to grow.


We worked with branding and marketing strategist Nikki Trott who brought her experience in working with the fashion industry to help design the overall marketing plan for the business.

When then created brand and content marking strategies to turn this top-level strategy into actionable tactics. After helping to redefine the brand's strategy and identity, we followed through with the concept and created the imagery and stories. Then helped them develop there social and PR distribution methods to reach their audience.

Part of our content plan was to create a series of stories about a new generation of entrepreneurial women. We wanted to champion these women, the Héroïnes, as a way to demonstrate the brand's values.


The work we did with MH set them on the path for growth and today they have successfully created a new market which did not previously exist. They have a strong brand which resonates with their target market and have created a content creation system to keep in constant contact with their customers.

As partners, we continue to support and guide them to scaling their business.