Joblift was in a critical stage of the startup journey - Scaling. This involves transforming all aspects of the business to reflect a fully-fledged company including marketing and growth departments.

With this comes the need to raise awareness on a large scale and to really focusing on building a brand. This often requires a whole new level of quality content production. this means its time to work with large production teams that often in-house content teams do not have the capacity for.


Abandon collaborated with Luxid production agency in Berlin in the creation of the launch campaign for Joblift including the creation of  TVC spot and photography for both the USA and German markets. This needed to reflect the type of experience the user wanted to have, fun, easy but professional.

This was the first execution aimed at a broader market needed to mean Joblift was scaling successfully.


Joblift scaling has been a  great success story of the Berlin startup ecosystem. Our project formed the foundation of a brand that has continued to grow and recently successfully raised a series B round to continue its growth.