Amongst the metropolis skyscrapers and millions of people in Hong Kong, one girl is carving out her definition of freedom. 

Emergence: Cheuk Ting is a passion project by part of our team. Director Alex Vivian and cinematographer Josh Flavell journeyed to Hong Kong to shine the spotlight on Hong Kong’s most prominent female basketball player…

The film is an inner monologue supported by sweeping metaphorical visuals of the city the world in which Ting inhabits. She poetically details the highs and low’s of triumph and failure and asks the question, how far can you push yourself in the name of success.

This was the first time a doco featurette had ever profiled a member of the Hong Kong women’s team. It has gone on to screen at international festivals and online curation platforms, such as NOWNESS and Director’s Notes with radio features and news articles.

The shoot took place over 5 days, the star location of which is in the infamous Choi Hung Estate. Other locations included other estates of the Kowloon District and a local school two hours from HK Island where a few children had never seen Westerners before.

Ting’s world begins in a night-time dream sequence, at the top of Kowloon Peak, a place known to the locals as ‘suicide point’. It ends in the same location, revealing the sprawling metropolis beneath her.

Chung King mansions is another iconic spot in Kowloon used for the shoot. The locations were specifically chosen to represent metaphorical elements of Ting’s story and her drive to find solace amongst the masses.