Reckless Abandon. Forward thinking.

Abandon is a global team of thought leaders and creative talent shaping and building great companies and defining what the future looks like.

our philosophy

Abandon was born out of the realisation that the traditional creative agency model was dead. We left that model in the past and have created a new framework for highly skilled creatives and marketing thought leaders to work together to help build better businesses.

We build an entirely custom team specific to each client/project that integrates with their existing team. We work extensively with a large network of independent professionals and agencies to deploy the very best talent for each business.

This methodology is not only more agile but also means we can integrate deeply and become an extension of your current team rather than an external party. This is a framework that better serves our clients, partners and our team.

selected clients


Our team

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Michael has over a decades experience working in both the marketing and media industries, specifically in advertising and journalistic production.
He started his career in photography, film, and content production. His work has been seen in the New York Times, The Guardian, and on the BBC, and he has created work for brands such as Qantas, M&S, and Apple amongst many others.
In addition to his content creation roots, Michael always had a fascination with business and economics which led him to engage more with the strategic side of the marketing process. Creative work can only be great if it solves a problem. It’s this understanding that drove Michael to work towards understanding the challenges that businesses face and gaining an Executive MBA.
Today he focuses on developing strategic approaches to using creative marketing to solve business problems.

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Rose is a branding and communication expert experience across a variety of industries. She specialises in working with early-stage start-ups, particularly in the food and drink sectors. Prior to working independently, she was Head of Brand at Marley Spoon, and Account Manager at Story PR.

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Cherie has 16+ years of work experience in the creative industry, including design, creative direction, social media strategy, influencer relations, e-commerce, and photography. She is also the founder of the online platform Sustainable Fashion Matterz. 

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Nikolas combines aesthetic approach and technical skillset, articulate in both traditional and digital media, with 360 implementation. His varied background consists of global and local commercial campaigns. Publications include W&V, Nowness, Dazed, iD Online, Vice.

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Jeremy has a wealth of experience directing creative and documentary content for a broad spectrum of industries; previous clients include Universal, Sony Music, Coca Cola, Speedo. He possesses comprehensive skills in practical production and post-production.