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We are Abandon, a strategic creative agency that helps brands to become iconic by resonating
 with the audience of tomorrow.


Today’s consumers aren’t as easily swayed as they once were. They are more informed, have more choice, and expect more from companies than ever before and brands are failing to keep up.  

But people still seek connection, crave knowledge, need community and are inspired by culture.  And herein lies the opportunity. 

Through strategically and creatively releasing quality content, a brand can provide an avenue to allow their audience to experience, share and engage with information that is both relevant and valuable to their lives.  

This is what the brand of tomorrow must offer. 

We partner with brands to find their voice and pursue the most innovative and compelling ways to establish a direct connection with their audience.

And content is the fuel that creates that opportunity. 


Strategic Vision

We provide thought leadership for brands, agencies, and new ventures. Using the latest research and data analysis, we create strategies that align your marketing message to your organisation's goals that give you the clarity to move forward.

Creative Ideation

Our approach is to build customized teams of creative talent for every project we do. This approach provides us the flexibility to leverage niche specialists, and to integrate deeply with our clients to generate extraordinary concepts.

Innovative Production

To harness the potential of new mediums that are transforming the media landscape; we work at the forefront of storytelling techniques, production tools, and media processes. We keep things nimble so we can adapt quickly and execute effectively.